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2019 Rangelands in the Rotunda Day

Please join the Rangeland Resources Committee and the DNRC Rangeland Resources Program for the 2019 Rangelands in the Rotunda Day on Friday March 22 from 10-2PM. This is an educational and outreach opportunity to engage with decision makers on the role of rangelands in Montana’s economy and the importance of all the ecosystem goods and services it provides to Montana.

For more information on the Rangeland Resources Committee and Program, click here!

The first Rangelands in the Rotunda Day took place in 2017 with attendance from over 250 legislators and staff! Only about 1/3 of the legislative body has an agriculture background, so it is critical to convey the importance of rangelands to Montana. Rangelands in Montana cover 68 million acres, which is over 70% of the land in the state! This event allows for attendees to visit with legislators about the state’s largest natural resource, rangelands!

The Rangeland Resources Committee is kindly asking for a donation of $250 for a table at the rotunda, but would graciously accept any monetary donation. Governor Bullock will be invited to say a few words and a light lunch is planned. If you have any questions about the event, contact Stacey Barta at 406-930-0693, Consideration for sponsorship is greatly appreciated! Please make Stacey aware if you are able to donate and participate by March 1,2019. Thank you!

Quick facts on Montana’s Rangelands!

  • 68 million acres or 70% of the land in Montana is range
  • 48 million acres of range are privately owned
  • provide forage to support Montana’s $2.2 billion livestock industry
  • provide watershed services worth $14/acre (water collection, groundwater filtration, aquifer recharge)
  • support 584,000 deer, 159,000 antelope, and 163,000 elk
  • provide hunting and fishing opportunities generating $1.3 billion in 2015
  • sequester more than 20% of the world’s terrestrial carbon, provide erosion control and nutrient cycling services valued at $106/acre
  • maintain and improve biodiversity, a service worth $19/acre

These facts can be found on our Rangelands Information Handout on our homepage.


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