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  • Photo: Stacey Barta
    Photo: Stacey Barta

Technical Assistance:
our field technicians assist landowners with establishing rangeland monitoring programs and building grazing plans tailored to each ranch’s objectives.

Rangeland Monitoring Program:
a set of methods designed by Montana State University to provide ranchers with easy-to-use, efficient monitoring techniques. Also known as “Monitoring for Success,” this program was developed as an interagency effort to create a uniform standard for landowner monitoring. Under the umbrella of the partnership, these methods are being updated and incorporated into educational materials and programs.

Certified Grazing Plans:
ranchers work one-on-one with partnership technicians to create grazing plans that incorporate all grazing lands of an operation. This program is modeled after the successful “Undaunted Stewardship” program, and similarly, landowners will have the opportunity to receive a certification that recognizes the good stewardship already happening, while encouraging future conservation and sustainable use efforts.

the main focus of this program is to provide learning and discussion opportunities on the subjects of monitoring and best grazing practices. These workshops are presented by our range technicians and other members of the partnership, and are coordinated through local conservation organizations.

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