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What is the Technical Assistance Program? Two full-time field technicians are employed by the Montana Rangelands Partnership to help landowners establish rangeland monitoring programs and/or develop grazing management plans. Our technicians use the monitoring methods outlined by the Montana Rangeland Monitoring Program and provide guidance to ranchers for continuing those methods in the future. The technicians are also equipped to present monitoring and grazing workshops, and communicate with local conservation districts and range-related organizations to coordinate these opportunities.

Our goal is to empower ranchers to make sound, informed decisions that further the future of conservation and their livelihood. As such, our technicians do not serve as consultants, but rather work alongside ranchers, involving them in each monitoring and management decision. We operate this way to ensure that landowners feel confident implementing the monitoring and grazing techniques that we establish on their ranch. The ultimate goal of the technical assistance project is for these conservation efforts to be passed on to future generations.

Counties We Serve

Map of Counties Served

Red counties are served by Casey Gallagher
Phone: 406-654-4010 | Email:

Black counties are served by Cheryl Schuldt
Phone: 406-945-0404 | Email:

Interested landowners outside of this region should still contact a technician, because the partnership is hoping to expand the project area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Is the Program Funded?

The technical assistance program is funded by a three-year grant obtained through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), as part of their Northern Great Plains Initiative. The Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana (SWCDM, a non-profit organization) holds and administers these funds. As such, our rangeland technicians are private employees of SWCDM, who work in partnership with conservation-minded agencies and organizations.

Do I Need to Enroll in a Conservation Program?

There is no need for landowners to be enrolled in any federal or state conservation programs before receiving technical assistance. However, landowners may use their monitoring data and/or grazing plan (at their discretion) as supporting information if they later decide to enroll in such programs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Participation in the technical assistance program is completely voluntary, and services are provided free of charge. Rather than collecting a monetary fee, we ask that ranchers “donate” their time by participating in the monitoring and planning process.

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